Are you hiring?
We are looking for passionate makeup artists to join our team! Please send resume/info and samples of your work to!

I work Monday-Friday from 8-5, is there any way that I can make an appointment in the evening or on the weekend?
I'm more than happy to accommodate for you! All you need to do is email me at and tell what day and time works best for you and we will get you on the books!

Do you mind if I bring my baby with me to my appointment?
Newborn babies are really great at laying on their mom's belly while their mom gets a facial. As a baby lover,  I'd also be happy to hold your sweet babe while you're masking! Older age kids are also welcome to sit at my makeup counter and color, read, etc. while you have your service, just have them bring their own entertainment and I'll supply them with a sparkling water (and maybe a mask).  Hmmm….mommy and me facial? 

Can my friend come with me to my appointment?
It’s totally up to you! There are some services that are more fun when your friends are there (makeup applications) and some that are better when you’re alone (facials) so you can relax and enjoy your service. Either way, I always have a stocked fridge of La Croix and water! 

What brands of products do you use?
For facials I use all DMK. I absolutely love this skincare range because they are results driven products. 
For makeup I use a vast array of products. As a beauty lover, I’m always bringing in new products to stay up to date and provide my clients with the best application. All of the products I use are quality products that will last all day and look incredible in photos.

Should I bring anything to my makeup consultation?
I love to hear all about your wedding details at your consultation. It’s a great way for me to get to know you and become familiar with your vibe. If you have any makeup inspiration photos saved on your phone, I would love to see these as well!

Do you do hair?
No. I'm a licensed aesthetician meaning I can do all things skin related but I am not a cosmetologist. Besides, it's a miracle if I can get a french braid in my own hair. However, I can most definitely connect you to the industry's best! 

Should I come with clean lashes for my lash lift?
Yes! The product works best on clean lashes. Any leftover mascara or oils on your lashes will greatly decrease the life of your lash lift and therefore not be as curled as you’d hoped for.

Where are you licensed?
I have a current esthetic license in both MN and ND. In MN, I work out of my glam studio in Edina. In ND, I work out of Studio South under the direction of Amber Stegman.

Can you do my makeup in ND?
Yes! For makeup applications outside of my studio in MN I have a 5 application minimum.

Do your makeup application prices change depending on the event or person getting it done?
No. I do the same quality work on everyone that is in my chair. There is no different price from a bride to a bridesmaid.

What schooling do you have?  Did you go to school for makeup?
Growing up I was always the friend that did everyone’s homecoming and prom makeup. In college, I dabbled in doing wedding makeup for fun and before I knew it I had a booked schedule for the following wedding seasons. Over one of my spring breaks, I joined my Dad on a business trip of his to California and enrolled myself into a makeup certification class. While in CA, we also attended The Makeup Show (best Dad in the world I know – 10+ hours of walking the tradeshow floor and classes). It was this trip that I realized that glam was my passion. I don’t just love it; I’m obsessed with it. Following my undergraduate graduation, I began esthetic school the following Monday. In 2018, I graduated from Bethel University with my MBA and take continuing education for makeup and skincare every chance that I get.

All business enquiries & product reviews email: